What does a library have to do with a farm?  I'll let one of my role models, Joel Salatin, explain:

"You know what the best kind of organic certification would be? Make an unannounced visit to a farm and take a good long look at the farmer's bookshelf. Because what you're feeding your emotions and thoughts is what this is really all about. The way I produce a chicken is an extension of my world view. You can learn more about that by seeing what's sitting on my bookshelf than having me fill out a whole bunch of forms."

I will soon make a partial list of my agricultural bookshelf with short notes about each author or book.  This is mainly for any fellow farmers who may be interested in learning more.   If you start reading and clicking links and you're not a farmer, then be careful... you might become one!

In the meantime, let me just list these few big influences:  Joel Salatin, Allan Nation, Steve Solomon, Gene Logsdon, Elliot Coleman, Andy Lee, Sir Albert Howard....